10 Best Indonesia Film Telegram Channel

Telegram is one of the most popular social media applications. Especially with various features that other applications do not have. In fact, many Indonesia film Telegram channel have sprung up.

The channel contains hundreds to thousands of Indonesian films. Some also provide Hollywood or Bollywood films with Indonesia subtitles. Channel members can also get it for free.

With this channel, you won’t be confused anymore if you’re bored and want to watch a movie. Users just have to join the channel and can choose what movies they want to watch.

Indonesian Film Telegram Channel

Definitely curious, right? What are the channel names? Therefore, you can see the recommendations that will be displayed in this article. In addition, it is also complete with a description of the channel.

1. Watch Yuk

The first recommended channel is Nonton Yuk. It is among the most popular and has more than 30 thousand members. Lots of movies have been uploaded in it.

If you just joined, then you can scroll all the way up and find the movie you want to watch. No need to be confused to estimate the plot is good or not. Because, there are already highlights or descriptions under each film.

2. Indonesian Movies

This channel contains very cool Indonesian films. Starting from the old release or still new. Users can watch and enjoy it for free through this channel.

3. Indo Sub Film Safes

This Indonesian film Telegram channel is among the best. Because, not only presenting Indonesian films, but also from abroad. Users also don’t have to worry about the language used, because it’s already with Indonesian subtitles.

This channel shares famous and booming films. So, it’s not random to include a variety of existing films. Maybe because of this, many Indo Sub Film Safes like it.

Examples of movies that are in it, like Friend Zone or what’s booming on Netflix. For example, the film series The Queens of Gambit. Users can watch it for free.

So, no need to spend money to watch other favorite movies. simply by downloading it through this channel, then just watch it. It’s very easy, isn’t it?

4. Special Horror

Horror genre films are probably among the favorites of most Indonesian people. Although the scene is quite scary, but that’s what makes it interesting. Probably because it’s also more challenging.

Even people who are afraid of scary stories still love it. If you want to find a good horror film and make goosebumps, there is a free way to get it.

That is by joining the Indonesia film Telegram channel called Special Horror. Users can get a lot of horror films. Starting from Indonesia’s own production to foreign horror films.

In fact, horror films that were popular and booming at that time also existed. For example, The Rental, Ouija, Flatliners, and so on. Users just scroll up to find other films.

5. Latest Indonesian Movies Latest Indonesian Cinema Movies

This channel always presents high quality movies, starting from HD 270p to 1080p. It only contains Indonesian films, such as Preman Pensiun, My Stupid Boss, and others.

How to do the download is very easy, in just one click. So, there is no need to use safelink which is quite complicated because of the many ads. Users can also watch it live on this channel.

6. Latest Indonesian Movies

This Indonesian film Telegram channel has been active since August 2020. Now, there are also very many members, which are around 300 thousand more. This channel presents movies with 720p quality.

Even so, the film in this is not too much like on other channels. However, to download the film, you do not need to go through safelink. In a sense, it can be directly downloaded just by clicking on it.

7. Download Movies

There are a lot of movies uploaded on this channel. Starting from Indonesian films to foreign films with Indonesian subtitles. His collection of films has reached more than 2000. Consists of Indonesian, Western, and Korean films.

Users can download movies in it via Google Drive. The quality options are between 480p and 720p. If you prefer to watch movies streaming, you can also go through the special link provided.

This channel always updates the latest good and cool movies. In fact, the schedule is almost daily, so users don’t get tired of waiting. However, to download it must pass safelink first.

8. Best Movies

This channel not only shares the latest films, but also old films. Like the Black Skull, Jaka Connect, and others. The collection of films is very large, which is around 5000 more.

So, users don’t have to worry because they will run out of movies they want to watch.

How to download it is very easy, because it does not have to go through safelink. Just select the movie, then click the download icon button.

If you don’t have a lot of quota, users can download movies with HD 360p quality. If you want 720p quality is also available. With this option, it will certainly be easier to watch movies.

9. Indofilm21

The films in it are not only Indonesian productions, but also Indian, Thai and Korean films. In addition, there are also western films that are available with Indonesian subtitles.

So, all Indonesian citizens can watch it and understand what is said in the film. The film collection is quite large and has reached more than 600. There are 2 kinds of download resolution, namely SD and HD.

10. ZeeMovies Official

This Indonesian film Telegram channel not only presents Indonesian films, but also other Asian films. the films in it also come with high quality, namely 720p HD resolution.

Some Asian films also have HD quality of 1080p. So, with this quality, the resulting film image is certainly good and clear. In addition, there is also a synopsis and cast before the film starts.

How to Join the Indonesian Film Telegram Channel

If Telegram users want to join a channel that provides movies, the method is quite easy. The following will explain how the steps are. Please listen carefully and follow the instructions properly.

  1. Download the Telegram application first if you don’t have it. Downloads can be via the Google Play Store for Android users. Meanwhile, iOS users can use the App Store.
  2. If you have already downloaded, all you have to do is enter your mobile number to create a Telegram account.
  3. Then, open a Telegram account.
  4. After that, click the magnifying glass icon to mark the search field.
  5. Type in the name of the channel that the user wants to follow.
  6. After the channel is found, then just click it.
  7. Then, the user will be in the channel and can immediately find out the content that has been uploaded.
  8. If you are really interested in joining, just press the Join button at the bottom.

After doing these stages, it means that you have officially joined the Indonesia film Telegram Channel. Then, you can download the available movies. Users can activate notifications so that they know immediately if there is a new movie uploaded.

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