Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Group Link 2021, Have New Friends and Have Fun Chats

Whatsapp is a very popular application. Everyone uses it for chatting, sharing photos and videos, or office meetings. For women, you can make new friends by joining the Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Group Link.

Joining a girl-only Whatsapp group has its own advantages. You can be more free to vent and chat because all group members are women. Let’s see what is meant by a girl’s Whatsapp group.

Is That a Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Group Link?

Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Group Link is a group whose members consist of women. This group is usually created for entertainment purposes. Group members can share photos, videos, or other related content that is entertaining.

There are also several groups that aim to share knowledge. For example, if you join a cooking group, you will get various tips and delicious culinary recipes. In order to remain a member of the group, you must follow the rules set by the admin.

Rules in Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Group

As with all Whatsapp groups that you have participated in, Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Group Links also have rules that bind all their members. This rule is useful for maintaining order and making each group member feel comfortable in it.

In order not to make mistakes that result in you being expelled from a group member, follow these rules. Here are the general rules set by group managing admins:

Only share posts in the form of images or videos that suit the purpose of the group

If this group is an open chat, then have a conversation or discussion that is relevant to the purpose of this group being formed

  • Mutual respect for all group members
  • No fighting between group members
  • It is forbidden to vilify other group members so as to provoke hostility
  • If you have a problem with a group member, immediately report it to the admin. The group admin will take steps to mediate problems that occur between its members.
  • It is forbidden to post adult posts and other illegal content, such as containing violence, alcohol and drug abuse, to criminal acts
  • It is forbidden to change the group name, icon and description of the group
  • No promotion or advertising in the group (this rule is an exception if you join a buying and selling group)
  • Always active and interact in the group

That’s the general rule that group admins usually make. Admins can add, remove, or modify to suit the purpose of forming the group. Please refer to the guide on how to join the following Whatsapp group.

How to Join a Girls Whatsapp Group

If you have understood the general rules above and are interested in joining an Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Group Link, the method is very easy. You can join via the invitation link by clicking on it.

  • Follow the step by step guide to join the group via the link:
  • Select the link with the name of the group you want to join.
  • After selecting, then click on the invite link.
  • As soon as you click on the link, you will automatically be redirected to the Whatsapp Messenger application.
  • Next will appear the words “Join the Group”. You just click the green city that appears on the screen.
  • If the group is not full, then you can join the group easily.
  • If the group is full, a notification will appear saying you can’t join because the group is full. Please note that the maximum number of members in a Whatsapp group is only 250 people.
  • If it is full, then look for another group similar to what you wanted at the beginning. Try joining by following the steps described above.

There are so many Whatsapp groups specifically for girls that you can easily search on the internet. This article will present some links that you can use.

Girls Whatsapp Group Links Collection

Joining various Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Group Liinks is fun. Besides being able to make new friends, there is a lot of entertainment and knowledge that you can get there. Here are some group links you can click to join.

Whatsapp Groups for Indonesian Girls About Business

This girl’s Whatsapp group is perfect for those of you who want to get selling tips. This group also allows its members to promote and make buying and selling transactions via private chat.

Some Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Group Links are specific. Some are only intended for women who want to sell accessories or only clothes. However, there are also many groups that allow their members to sell any type of goods.

Here are the group names and invite links:

Women’s accessories 12.5.18

Indonesian women’s business

Hijab women’s fashion

Bandung women’s fashion

Women’s bag convection group

Female entrepreneur advertisement

WhatsApp Groups for Girls About Islam

This Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Group Liink consists of a group of women who want to deepen their knowledge of Islam. In the group you can have new friends who can be invited to exchange ideas about religion.

Group members share pictures, videos, words of wisdom, and everything related to the Islamic religion. Here is the invite link. Just click on the link and you’ll be able to join immediately if the group isn’t full yet.

Women’s fiqh discussion

Shining female character

Generation of pious women

Dare to emigrate

Muslim friends

Moving together

Hijrah group

Sharing knowledge of sisters


Proud To be Muslimah

Whatsapp Groups for Girls Fans of Korean Boy Bands and Girl Bands

For girls who are fans of Korean bands, there are many Whatsapp groups that are suitable for you. Here you can share music videos, Korean song lyrics, and funny Korean singer memes. Here is the invite link that you can choose from.

Army INT

BTS Link


EXO fans

Army BTS


BangTan Boys

BIGHIT Entertainment


Blackpink x Blink

Indonesia Girls Whatsapp Group Make New Friends

Those of you who want to make new acquaintances in the online world, can join the WhatsApp group to find friends. This group allows you to make many friends from various places throughout Indonesia.

There are many advantages that you can get by having online friends spread throughout Indonesia. These advantages include:

  • Increase knowledge. You can share interesting things related to habits, customs, to tourist locations at your place and with your friends.
  • Reduce conflict. You will avoid conflict if you make friends online. This is because there is no physical meeting, so there is no jealousy and dropping each other.

If you are interested in adding friends throughout the archipelago, here is the invitation link. Just click to join the group.

Indonesian online friends

Online friends 2021

Online friends

Contact groups

Find good friends

Online world

Find friends and friends

Friendship workshop

Friends stories

My contacts

In addition to the Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Group Links mentioned above, you can look for other alternatives via the internet. However, be aware that not all of the links are active or still available. If you can’t log in, please find another active group.

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