Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Number List

One of the chat applications that have many users is Whatsapp. There are many supporting features that can make chatting more fun, especially if you can contact many contacts. That’s why people are looking for a list of Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Number.

The more WhatsApp contact numbers you have, the better. This is because of the number of contacts, there will definitely be the most suitable. For example, it’s good to invite him to chat, or according to other purposes.

The Benefits of Getting a List of Indonesian Girls Whatsapp Numbers

A person can have many contact numbers, even thousands. There are several benefits in having many WhatsApp numbers. Some of them are in the following explanation.

1. Adding Friends

Humans are social creatures. This is what makes him always want to connect with other people. Because now is the era of the internet, socializing even more online. That is why, many want to have a list of Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Number.

Of course the goal is to make friends. The more contacts you get, the more fun it can be to chat without having to leave the house. With enough quota, you can make friends with many girls from all over Indonesia.

It’s also fun to have lots of friends to chat with from different regions. One of the benefits is to broaden horizons and knowledge about other regions in Indonesia.

2. Finding a Match for Singles

Another benefit of having a list of Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Numbers is that it expands the opportunity to find a mate. Yes, with so many female Whatsapp contacts, of course there are things that make you feel comfortable in chatting.

It is possible, from that sense of comfort, seeds of love will emerge which end up being a mate. There have been many love stories that have ended in marriage, only starting from chat on social media, one of which is Whatsapp.

However, if the goal is to find a mate, then avoid useless chats with just any girl. In this way, you can get the best candidates.

3. Getting the Target Market

The benefits of having this next list of Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Number have to do with business. Of course, especially for businesses related to the needs of the girls. For example, fashion, make up, skincare, accessories and others.

By having these contacts, of course, it will be easy to offer products to more people. It’s better to start by introducing yourself and asking to save each other’s contact numbers. So later WA stories and broadcast messages will be seen by them.

How to Get Multiple Girls Whatsapp Numbers

After knowing the benefits, of course you are curious to get the contact numbers of many of these girls, right? Actually you can practice several ways, because it turns out that it is not difficult to do it. Here are some ways.

1. Get a List of Indonesian Girls Whatsapp Numbers Using the Application.

The first way to be able to generate lots of girl numbers is to use an app. There are many applications that can help in providing hundreds to thousands of WhatsApp numbers.

Some of these apps even have a feature to target Whatsapp number types. For example, from the location of residence, age, and gender. How to operate is also quite easy.

After getting the girl’s contact number from the application, it’s a good idea to start selecting. So, later the stored number is the one that really fits the criteria.

2. Get Whatsapp Number Through Facebook

Furthermore, there are other ways to get a list of Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Number via Facebook. With this social media application, anyone can get a lot of girls’ Whatsapp numbers.

Several ways to get Whatsapp number on FB:

  • Through the search field, with the keywords “WA number” or “WA girl number”. Later search results will appear in the form of posts that include WA contacts or number sharing groups.
  • Using the keyword “WA group”. The search result will be a FB group that shares a link to the Whatsapp group. Select the appropriate link, then click the link to join. Of course, there will be many WA numbers to get acquainted with.
  • Search manually through FB groups or by typing random girl names. Add the account, and send a direct message to introduce yourself. Once familiar, of course it will be easy to ask for his Whatsapp number.

This method does require more effort when comparing it with application tools. However, if you pursue it, there will be a large list of Indonesian girl Whatsapp numbers collected.

3. Exchange Contact Numbers with Friends

Next is an easy way to get a girl’s contact number in Indonesia. The step is to exchange a list of contact numbers with friends. Exchange contact list in i is relatively easy and fast to increase the number of WA numbers.

4. Cooperate with Credit Counter

Have you ever seen that every time you buy credit at the counter, the clerk must write down the number, right? Well, how to get a girl’s number can be by asking for the list. Although they certainly didn’t record which was the girl’s number, they could later find out through introductions.

However, not all counters want to provide a list of these numbers. Therefore, it is necessary to find a counter that is willing to give it away, for example belonging to a friend. Another way is to pay for the information they provide.

5. Enter Whatsapp Groups Using WA Blast

The easiest way to get lots of WhatsApp numbers is to enter a group. However, of course if you don’t have the link, it’s impossible to get there. In addition to getting a link via Facebook as in the previous method, you can use WBSPro.

This WA Blast application can make users enter massively into many groups. After logging in, of course it will be easy to scrape the WA numbers of the members. Next, introduce yourself via private message on the girl’s number.

Tips for Adding Girl Friends on Whatsapp

The previous way was to get a large list of Indonesian girl Whatsapp numbers. However, everything will be in vain if you can’t make them friends. Wrong, they will block our number. So, here are tips to avoid it.

1. Post Interesting Profile Photo

Like other social media, users can see each other’s profile photos. Therefore, choose an interesting photo. There are many tips on the internet for poses and shooting angles to make photos more interesting.

2. Introducing Yourself

The second tip is to introduce yourself well. Remember, first impressions are very important. Make the other person feel comfortable and unsuspecting when replying to an introduction.

3. Avoid Pretentious Familiar

Some girls may get defensive, especially with people they haven’t met before. Therefore, avoid being pretentious that will make them uncomfortable. Tell them honestly that the purpose of getting to know each other is to make more friends.

Likewise for olshoppers, it’s good to introduce yourself as the person who provides what kind of product. Say that if you like, please save each other’s numbers so you can get a lot of interesting information through WA stories.

In conclusion, there are many ways to get a list of Indonesia Girl Whatsapp Number. However, after getting it, the most important step is to get acquainted by making a good impression. So, congratulations on adding friends via Whatsapp.

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